Shadow Island Mysteries

A made-for-television movie series, the Shadow Island Mysteries follows the story of lead character Claire La Foret (Jennifer Finnigan), a beautiful young woman who works as the Property Manager of the Shadow Island Resort situated on an island in the pristine Canadian wilderness.  While she excels at her job, Claire really wants to be a mystery writer.  And mystery does find her.  The first movie, ‘Wedding for One’, follows Claire as she hosts her best friend’s wedding, but the groom-to-be goes missing.  Claire finds him by puzzling out a series of clues sent to her by the kidnapper, while dealing with wedding guests, an ex-boyfriend, and a distressed bride-to-be.

Produced by Buffalo Gal Pictures and Breakthrough Films and Television for Movie Central and The W Network

Trailer: Episode 1 - Wedding for One

Trailer: Episode 2 - The Last Christmas


Alex Galatis
Paula Smith

Executive Producers
Ira Levy (Breakthrough Films & Television)
Peter Williamson (Breakthrough Films & Television)
Marina Cordoni (Breakthrough Films & Television)
Phyllis Laing (Buffalo Gal Pictures)
Paula Smith
Alex Galatis

Paula Smith

Gary Yates

Jennifer Finnigan

Air Dates

Monday, July 3 at 7:35 AM
Monday, July 24 at 6:10 am
Thursday, July 27 at 6:20 AM